A few years ago, my mother, sister, daughter, niece and I went on a 3-day wagon trip with Historic Trails West: traveling between Casper and Independence Rock. Our adventure began with a personalized tour of Fort Casper by Morris Carter, which really helped to establish a historical perspective for what we were going to experience. As we crept along the Oregon and California Trails in our covered wagon, our group got a real understanding of the kinds of challenges faced by intrepid pioneers over 150 years ago. The scenery is rugged and wild, and we heard coyotes howl at night as we lay in our teepees. I particularly enjoyed riding a horse at full gallop on the Pony Express Trail and getting a sense of what that was like. It's simply not enough to learn about the past from books or to see historic places from a car; with Historic Trails West we actually got to experience history, and for that reason alone it was a truly worthwhile and unforgettable trip. Morris and his crew had such extensive and broad-based knowledge of the trail that it was more than just a fun vacation: it was an opportunity to also feel the sacrifices, trials and joys of the pioneers and Native Americans rising from the dust and gain a more intimate knowledge of this important chapter in America's history from a first-hand perspective. We walked where they walked and rode where they rode: it was a one-of-a-kind experience my family and I will never forget!

--Carolyn Ethington


Thank you for sharing Wyoming. You were skillful in taking us through the Trail and shared an impressive knowledge of your State and the land. We were entertained, had laughs, learned a lot, but still found the time for quiet reflection to get lost in the endless trails, the quiet nights and the beautiful mornings. You run a good tour and made us feel very much at home. You had two great men on your crew--David and Tyler--who we enjoyed meeting and spending time. Please send them my regards. It was nice also to have met your daughter, son-in-law and beautiful grandchildren. They were a >happy addition to our campfire ring. Thank you for sharing Wyoming. Our trip was restorative.
For Mercy, it was a view of America's vastness and greatness. For me, it was a thrill to slip
into the iconic role of cowboy and frontiersman, even if for but a few days. You're great guy,
and I hope to see you again soon. Please know how much we loved and appreciated the trip.
Our time on the Trail will be part of story-telling of the McQuade Family for years to come.

Best wishes for continued success and happiness.

Frank and Mercy McQuade

What a fun trip!! I went on the overnight trip. I have always wanted to do this to get a better understanding of what my relatives went through when they crossed this beautiful country. I have more respect for them now and thoroughly enjoyed all the history that Morris shared with us. Bill and Jackie were awesome too, making this, the trip of a life time and highly recommend this trip to anyone coming to Wyoming.


Traveled from Colorado to Wyoming for the 1 day and overnight trek. Didn't know what to expect but wow did I have fun! The history came alive as Morris told the stories of the old west as we traveled in the wagon. Base camp was awesome and what gracious hosts Morris and Kim were with their stories of the American Indians and life on the Wagon Trains.

Margi, Bill
Pueblo West, Colorado

Our family took the over night trip last fall and the kids (ages 4, 5 and 8) still haven't stopped talking about it. They loved sleeping in real Indian Tepees and even remember the mule's names. I just know that when they are very old and grandmas and grandpas themselves, they will remember that camp out and it will bring a smile to their faces!

Ginger Ludtke